Removing a tree?

If you would like to have a tree removed, you must first obtain a permit for tree removal. To apply for a permit, download and fill out the tree removal permit application. Complete the application and be sure to include the owner's name and signature, tree care worker's name, signature, and copy of their tree trimmer's license. After you submit the application, the tree will be evaluated by the City Landscaper Architect to determine if the permit will be granted. If the permit is granted, you can pick up the permit and pay the permit fee ($10 per tree) at City Hall. You will be required to plant replacement trees to mitigate for the loss of tree canopy caused by the tree removal. The number of replacement trees required will depend on the size and species of trees being removed and planted. If granted, the permit is valid for 30 days. Once replacement trees have been installed, you must contact the building department at 954-480-4250 or 4251, or fax your request to 954-422-5812 for a tree removal permit final inspection.

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