What would happen if the rates were not increased?

The Solid Waste Fund’s net position would continue to go into a deficit.  Although the Fund as an enterprise should be self-sufficient, without adequate revenues to support its operations it would then require outside funding and support.  This would result in funding transfers from the General Fund (which impacts the millage rate), loans, or funding from other sources. There would also continue to be negative findings from auditors regarding the condition of the fund.  These negative findings would negatively impact the City’s financial credit ratings and other financial aspects of the City. 

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1. Why are solid waste rates increasing?
2. When will the rates increase?
3. Why are rates increasing now?
4. What will be the impact on my bill?
5. What has been done to avoid increases?
6. What would happen if the rates were not increased?
7. What if I cannot pay my bill?
8. How do I contact the Solid Waste Division if I have other questions?