What has been done to avoid increases?

Since 2008, the Solid Waste Division has taken numerous steps to reduce its expenses and maximize its revenues which is in large part why the fund has been able to sustain its program without rate increases for over 14 years. 

Multiple measures have been taken over this time.  The main actions were to reduce routes, reduce personnel, enhance our billing to maximize revenues, suspend an expensive and ineffective curbside recycling program and switch to a more sustainable and cost-effective fuel source in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

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1. Why are solid waste rates increasing?
2. When will the rates increase?
3. Why are rates increasing now?
4. What will be the impact on my bill?
5. What has been done to avoid increases?
6. What would happen if the rates were not increased?
7. What if I cannot pay my bill?
8. How do I contact the Solid Waste Division if I have other questions?