What are the benefits? Is there a cost savings?

Delivering materials to the landfill is expected to avoid escalating processing costs due to the low value of material and high contamination rates. While this change may not be the most desirable manner of handling these materials, under the current conditions, it is the best option for the City of Deerfield Beach at this time and until other potential alternatives can be identified or which time there has been significant and sustained improvements to market conditions.

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1. What is happening that is forcing cities to make changes to their recycling programs?
2. What changes have taken place in our recycling program?
3. What are the benefits? Is there a cost savings?
4. What should residents do with their blue recycling carts?
5. What if one garbage cart is not enough, can I use the blue one?
6. Is there a way I can have my recycling go to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) instead of a landfill?
7. Who can use the Drop-Off Center?
8. What can be dropped off?
9. What are the hours of operation and requirements for the Drop-Off Center??