GIS Overview

The GIS (Geographic Information System) section provides support to all City staff through the means of GIS technology. Its goal is to enhance the quality of life for citizens of the City of Deerfield Beach by creating and maintaining accurate, current and complete geospatial applications and data. Use of GIS technology in the City is a critical component to the decision making process throughout the whole organization, and it promotes the efficient use of City resources by giving staff the ability to manage and analyze information based on its geography.

City of Deerfield Beach GIS

Steps the City is taking to improve the City’s GIS include:

  • Create and maintain City data and maps
  • Continue fulfilling GIS requests for all City departments
  • Expand the number of GIS users in the City
  • Deploy GIS at different City facilities
  • Educate the public and City employees about GIS
  • Keep the information technology infrastructure up-to-date
  • Periodically update data from Broward County GIS
  • Annually update property and tax data from the Broward County Property Appraiser
  • Integrate other computer systems with GIS
  • Support further expansion of GIS

GIS Resources

As a way of providing superior customer service and greater accessibility to the public, the following information is available through the different links listed on the left.

In case you are still wondering what the definition of GIS is and what it is all about, the What is GIS? link will explain it all for you.

The Map Gallery link will take you to a listing of the maps we have available on the website. All maps are in Adobe .pdf format and can be viewed using Adobe Reader, a free software application you can download here. The 24”x36” Future Land Use Map and the Zoning map are available for purchase at City Hall.

The Download Data link is a listing of the available GIS datasets you can use in your own GIS projects. The datasets are going to be downloaded in ESRI layer package format (.lpk), and you need software that can view GIS data in an ESRI feature class format.