Building Services


How to Make an Online Payment

Visit the online payments and follow the steps below.

  1. Step 1 - click on "Make a Payment"
  2. Step 2 - On the Make a Payment window, enter the Application Number and click "Find".
  3. Step 3 - Select the application by clicking the checkmark in the results and you will see a list of fees associated with the application number. Confirm the fees and then click "Checkout." On the screens that follow, enter payment information and complete the transaction.

transaction fee

Effective February 1, 2023, a transaction fee will be applied to payments made specifically by checking account, credit card, charge card, bank debit card, and auto pay (using a debit/credit card). These fees apply to payments made online, but not in person at the City cashier located at City Hall. If a payment is made online, you will see two separate transactions. One will be for the payment to the City of Deerfield Beach and the other will be for the transaction fee. The transaction provider for the City of Deerfield Beach is Paymentus. For additional information, please visit the City of Deerfield Beach website link here:


Schedule Inspections

An inspection can be scheduled by phone or by a form that will be emailed to us and should be in no later than 3 PM for the next business day.

The required information is needed to schedule an inspection: 

  1. Permit or application number
  2. Discipline in which you wish to schedule
  3. The exact inspection you are requesting (found on the inside of your permit card)
  4. The date that you would like the inspection to occur.
  5. Contact information in case we have any questions

Please note that if you are scheduling for the next business day, your request must be in no later than 3 PM.


Condo Permit Requirements

We all want to have a better place to live and would love to improve our units. It is important to remember that Florida Building Code does not allow an owner of a Condo to do work on his unit. Also, a Florida Licensed Contractor must be hired, and a permit must be obtained prior to allowing any contractor to start work. Failure to hire a licensed contractor is a felony in the state of Florida “Florida Statute 489.127(1) (f)”. Permits are required for almost any work in your unit. Exceptions are interior painting and replacing floor covering, which may have some requirements implemented by your association to comply with State regulations about noise transmittal. 

Here are some common examples of work that is typically performed by Condo owners that require a permit and a licensed contractor: 

  • water heaters 
  • replacing air‐conditioning units 
  • renovation for kitchens or bathrooms 
  • replacing bathtubs or showers 
  • replacing windows or doors 
  • install hurricane shutters 
  • replacing any balcony enclosures with screen/ acrylic windows 
  • enclosing balconies with windows to add a new room (which is an addition) 
  • adding light fixtures or electric fan connection 
  • mold remediation works 

After obtaining a permit from the Building department and prior to commencing work, the permit card must be displayed on the front of your unit (visible from the outside), during the progress of work until the permit is closed (Final inspection signed on the permit card in your possession). Original permit documents must be available at the time of inspections. Once your contractor has applied for a permit you can view information about the permit fees, payments, application, inspection results, permit status [still open (AP) / expired (EX), or Closed (CL)] prior to final payment to your contractor. 

Deerfield Beach Building Department
150 NE 2 Avenue
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441


Online Permit Submittal

The City of Deerfield Beach Building Department is continuously making efforts to provide the public with exceptional solutions and will now be accepting digital email submittal of: 

  • residential permits for re-roofs
  • residential water heater replacements
  • residential air conditioning replacements 
  • residential electrical panel/service changes

In order to utilize this service, you must be a registered contractor with the City of Deerfield Beach. If your information is not up to date or you are not registered with the City, please attach the required information along with your application packet. 

NOTE: All information must be either typed or neatly printed.
Incomplete packets WILL NOT be processed.

Residential Re-Roof Requirements

Listed below are the requirements for re-roof permits submitted online:

Print out the Roofing Package and Permit Application, scan all required info, and email one PDF file.

Residential Water Heater Replacement Requirements

Listed below are the requirements for water heater replacement permits submitted online:

Print out Water Heater Replacement Form and Permit Application, scan all of the required information, and email one PDF file to

Residential A/C Replacement Requirements

Listed below are the requirements for A/C replacement permits submitted online:

  • Complete Permit Application. Please make sure accurate job cost, gallon capacity of the tank, and notarized signature of BOTH the qualifier and property owner are included.
  • A/C Data Sheet
  • Verification of the equipment's efficiency (AHRI)
  • Anchoring details if applicable (required for commercial replacements)
  • Notice of Commencement if job costs exceed $15,000

Print out the A/C Data Sheet and Permit Application, scan all of the required information, and email one PDF file.

Residential Electrical Panel/Service Change Requirements

Listed below are the requirements for panel/service change permits submitted online:

  • Complete Permit Application. Please make sure accurate job cost, gallon capacity of the tank, and notarized signature of BOTH the qualifier and property owner are included.
  • Electrical Plan (if NOT an EXACT replacement)

Print out the Permit Application, scan all of the required information, and email one PDF file.

Applications are processed in the order received.

The Deerfield Beach Building Department will make every effort to issue your permit in a timely manner. Once completed, payment is required and can be made online or in-person at the cashier. Please notify us via email at once the payment has been made. You will then be emailed a validated copy of the permit. This copy, along with the original packet that was digitally submitted, must be on-site at the time of inspections.


Building Staff Contacts


Name Title Phone Email
Sheila Oliver Chief Building Offical 954.610.1321 Email Sheila
Dale Rich Assistant Building Official 561.301.7186 Email Dale
Summer Konz Permit Administrator 954.480.4246 Email Summer


Name Title Phone Email
Dale Rich Chief Structural Inspector 561.301.7186 Email Dale
Dave Morin Plan Reviewer / Inspector 954.218.3954 Email Dave
Edward Deane Inspector 954.663.8439 Email Edward
Andrell Gibbons Plan Reviewer / Inspector 561.647.5127 Email Andrell
Derek Hall Inspector 561.573.8712 Email Derek


Name Title Phone Email
Pete Deveaugh Chief Electrical Inspector 954.480.4250 Email Pete
Doug Organ Plan Reviewer 786.918.6518 Email Doug
Todd Perlmutter Inspector 954.224.7032 Email Todd
Don Correa Inspector 305.962.5834 Email Don
Anthony Jackson Inspector 561.590.4838 Email Anthony


Name Title Phone Email
Greg Kijanka Chief Mechanical Inspector 954.533.1532 Email Greg
Sheila Oliver Plan Reviewer / Inspector 954.610.1321 Email Sheila
Joe Switalski Plan Reviewer / Inspector 954.909.7400 Email Joe
Randy Kirkegaard Inspector 786.932.3456 Email Randy


Name Title Phone Email
JP Belisle Chief Plumbing Inspector 561.850.4695 Email JP
Travis Bair Inspector 561.579.8864 Email Travis

Permit Technicians

Name Phone Email
Robert Gadson 954.480.4250 Email Robert
Camila Bent 954.480.4250 Email Camila
Orlando Felix 954.480.4250 Email Orlando 
Karli Shoop 954.480.4250
Alexis Menard 954.480.4250 Email Alexis
Chris Fazio 954.480.4250 Email Chris
Mari Rodriguez 954.480.4250 Email Mari

Other Contacts

Department Phone
Code Compliance 954.480.4238
Fire Plan Review & Inspection 954.571.7585


Broward County ePermits One Stop

Save time and avoid the lines, traffic, and paper trail with the new one-stop ePermits process. The City of Deerfield Beach and Broward County have teamed up to launch ePermitsOneStop, a centralized website that allows customers to submit their applications and have their plans reviewed online for permits, licenses, and approvals. 

Using ePermitsOneStop, Deerfield Beach customers can now apply and receive approval for both Deerfield Beach building permits and associated Broward County permits in a quicker, more seamless process, eliminating the need to travel to Broward's Government Center West in Plantation.

ePermits logo

Click below for step-by-step instructions for Asbestos Certificates, Transportation Concurrency & Environmental Review, Notice of Commencement, or for ePermitting phone support.

Beginning May 3, 2021, ALL submittals for Development & Environmental Review projects in Broward County will only be accepted electronically through the ePermits website. Applicants will no longer be able to submit any plans for review in person per Broward County.