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As of July 6, 2021, the Online Payment system is now active and working. If you need instructions on how to make a payment, please click here.

3.23.21 Effective Immediately - Per Section 489 of the Florida Statues: All contractor documentation has to be updated to schedule an inspection.

***Florida Building Code Seventh Edition 2020, effective December 31, 2020***

Please note there is a new version of the Florida Building Code, Florida Building Code Seventh Edition 2020, effective December 31, 2020.

All permit application documentation, forms and references that are applied for after the effective date must reference the current code.

UPDATE - June 26, 2020: To gain access to the Building Department after your arrival at City Hall, please call (954) 480-4252.

July 6, 2020: Beginning Monday, July 6th, 2020, the Planning, Code Compliance and Building Divisions will be open to the public until 4:00pm Monday - Friday. The Building Division is open to the public beginning at 7:30am and the Planning and Code Compliance Division is open to the public beginning at 8:00am.

At this time, both the Planning and Code/Building lobbies are limiting the number of customers that can be in the lobby at any given time.  For the Code/Building lobby, the maximum number of customers is three and for the Planning lobby, the maximum number of customers is two.  To gain access to these departments, upon your arrival to City Hall, please call 954-480-4252 to reach Code/Building and 954-480-4206 for Planning.  A city employee will let you know if space is available immediately.  If space is not available immediately, we will take your phone number and call you back as soon as possible.

12/9/19 Effective Immediately: Submittal of the Service Change Procedures form is required for all meter replacement permits. 

Online Permit Submittals - Re-Roofs, Water Heater & AC Replacements and Electrical Panel/Service Changes

In addition to water heater replacements, air conditioning replacements and electrical panel/service changes, the Building Department is now accepting online submittals for re-roof permits. For more information please click here.

HOA Affidavit

All submittals for residential permits must include the HOA Affidavit Form.  

Did you know that you can schedule your inspections online?

The Building Division is now accepting requests via email.  For more information on how to schedule inspections please click here.

General Information

The Building Division is responsible for enforcing codes and ordinances ensuring safe, sound and progressive development of commercial and residential properties. Renovations, remodeling and construction are all closely monitored, while code inspections are conducted systematically. The division complies with guidelines established by the Florida Building Commission and Broward County Board of Rules & Appeals. 

Contact Us
Our staff is available to assist you in the permitting process.  

For general questions regarding permit status, requirements, etc. please call (954) 480-4250

 To schedule an inspection  please call (954) 571-4504.

Building Division **New Permit Applications**
Provides plan review, permits and periodic inspection services to most public and private construction as determined by the Florida Building Code and other applicable laws. The Building Division is responsible for the identification and removal of unsafe structures in conjunction with the Unsafe Structure Board.

Home Owners (HOA) Approval
It is your responsibility to obtain approval from your Home Owners Association before applying for a permit and comply with their requirements.