Beach Conditions and Flags

Plants in foreground and then the beach with rocks and the ocean

Beach Conditions

Tuesday February 27, 2024

Forecast conditions for Deerfield Beach, should conditions change this information will be updated in the afternoon. We encourage everyone to swim in guarded areas and have a safe day at the beach.+

Air Temperature:
Water Temperature:
High Tide:
10:42 AM
Low Tide
  5:06 PM
Wind Direction:
SE at 5 -10
Water Conditions:
Sea pests:
Current Flags:
Green / Purple

Beach Warning Flags

To ensure the safety of our beach patrons, the City of Deerfield Beach utilizes the International Life Saving (ILS) Federation’s flag system, created to promote an international standard for all beach-goers to understand.

Due to the number of drownings in the state of Florida, a standardized flag system was already in place, but as of June 2004, the international system has replaced the previous one.

Double Red Flag

Double Red Flag

Water closed to the public
Single Red Flag

Single Red Flag

High hazard, high surf, strong currents.
Yellow flag

Yellow Flag

Medium hazard, moderate surf, and/or currents.
Green Flag

Green Flag

Low hazard, calm conditions, exercise caution.
Purple Flag

Purple Flag

Dangerous marine life, this flag can be flown with a single red or yellow flag.