Odd-Shaped / Bottom Dweller

Filefishes / Drums / goatfishes / Trigger

Scrawled Filefish

Aluterus scripts (Filecia)
Scrawled Filefish facing camera with kissy lips.

Orangespotted Filefish

Cantherhines pullusOrangespotted filefish

Orangespotted Filefish

Cantherhines pullus

Planehead Filefish

Stephanolepis hispidus
Planehead Filefish has soft, simple fins with comparatively small pectoral fins and truncated, fan-s

Juvenile Planehead Filefish

Stephanolepis hispidus

Orange Filefish

Aluterus schoepfii
Orange Filefish with rusty colors up close to camera

Gray Triggerfish

Balistes capriscus
Family - Triggerfish Triggerfish - more oval shaped with large top fin and bottom fin.  Gray in color and has spots and l


Pareques acuminatus
Family - Drum Night image in IR mode of a Highhat

Yellow Goatfish

Mulloidichthys martinicus
Family - Goatfish
Small fish with yellow stripe and yellow tail


Porcupinefishes / Pufferfishes


Diodon hystrixporcupine fish - spotted odd shaped fish


Diodon holocanthus Balloonfish - teardrop-shaped body with brown blotches & black spots over entire body. Large iridesc

Spotfin Burrfish

Chilomycterus reticulatusspotfin burrfish similar to the porcupine fish

Sharpnose Puffer

Canthigaster rostrata
Sharpnose Puffer is small with pointed nose/snout tan on top with white belly and yellow highlighted



Scrawled Cowfish

Acanthostracion quadricornis
scrawled cowfish is similar to the smooth trunkfish, this fish is triangular box shape with horns li

Honeycomb Cowfish

Acanthostracion polygonius
honeycomb cowfish - very close to a scrawled cowfish but has a honeycomb pattern

Smooth Trunkfish

Lactophrys triqueter
Smooth Trunkfish - very odd shaped fish, it has kissy fish lips and is a black fish with white dots

Spotted Trunkfish

Lactophrys bicaudalis
spotted-trunkfish swimming behind Deerfield logo, looks like it has a bandit mask

Trunkfish (Buffalo)

Lactophrys trigonus - missing


Pipe or Trumpetfish / Sweeper / Remora 

Pipefish or Trumpetfish

Uncertain of speciespipefish swimming by on very bottom of screen - looks like a see through snake

Glassy Sweeper

Pempheris schomburgkiiglassy sweeper - small fish big belly and eyes, in rough water

Remora - Sharksucker

Uncertain of species
Remora hitching a ride on a shark

Whitefin Sharksucker - Remora

Echeneis neucratoides


Bottom Dwellers


Uncertain of speciesTwo flounders swimming just above the sand


Hippocampus reidi
Seahorse on bottom swimming alone

Southern Stargazer

Astroscopus y-graecumStargazer swimming on bottom new piling

Smoothcheek Scorpionfish

Scorpaena isthmensisscorpionfish camouflaged next to piling. reddish tan in color

Spotted Scorpionfish

Scorpaena isthmensisSpotted Scorpionfish behind the wiper only revealing the identifying spots


Pterois volitansLion fish floating in front of piling with its brownish black stripes and venomous spiky fin rays

Hardhead Catfish

Ariopsis feliscatfish with a dirty dome