Jacks / Silvery / Gray Fish

Jacks / Cobia / Tarpon / Snook / Barracuda / Bluefish

Crevalle Jack

Caranx hipposcrevalle jack in a school with water that looks like snow

Yellow Jack

Caranx bartholomaei
Yellow Jack - silver fish with yellow tail and fins.

Yellow Jack (color changing)

Caranx bartholomaei
Yellow Jack completely yellow next to a spanish hog

Bar Jack

Caranx ruberClose up of bar jack showing the dark line running down back and down tail next to a blue stripe

Blue Runner

Caranx crysos
Blue Runners in aqua colored water swimming in a school towards camera

Horse-Eye Jack

Caranx latus
Horse-eye jack has big dark eyes, less steep of head compared to other jacks, yellow tail and dark c

Greater Amberjack

Seriola dumeriliShiny jack fish with a stripe running from the top fin down to its mouth going over its eye.

Almaco Jack

Seriola rivoliana
Almaco Jack very similar to the Amberjack but the dorsal fin is longer and more hooked.

?Juvenile Lesser Amberjack?

or Banded Rudderfish?Juvenile Lesser Amberjack - has striping down sides

Rainbow Runner

Elagatis bipinnulata
Rainbow Runner has yellow tail and 2 blue stripes


Selene vomer
Lookdown - very flat fish that is flashy silver with subtle silver stripes and long dorsal fin and a


Selene setapinnis
Moonfish - shiny silver fish very similar to a lookdown except the moonfish has shorter fins and a s

Florida Pompano

Trachinotus carolinusSilvery Pompano with a tinted yellow belly narrow forked tail.


Trachinotus falcatusSilver permit with dark fins & a compressed body & deeply forked tail


Trachinotus goodeiPalometa with elongated dark dorsal and anal fins


Rachycentron canadumCobia swimming in beautiful clear water


 Centropomus undecimalisSnook with its distinctive black stripe running along its yellow body.


 Megalops atlanticus
Tarpon - 7 each tarpon swimming one next to another as if they were one fish.


Sphyraena barracuda
Barracuda swimming by a piling

Northern Sennet

Sphyraena borealis
Four Sennet swimming past the piling


Pomatomus saltatrix

See the Baitfish page for Scad (goggle-eyed) and Ballyhoo.


Mackerel / Bonito

Cero Mackerel

Scomberomorus regalisCero Mack lateral line curves gradually down towards tail base.


Sarda sardabonito school swimming past camera

Porgies / Mojarras


Archosargus probatocephalus
sheepshead getting ready to eat off the plyon

Jolthead Porgy

Calamus bajonadoJolthead Porgy in distance in front of piling

Sheepshead or Grass Porgy

Calamus penna or Calamus arctifrons
Pigfish pecking at the sand

Silver/Bermuda Porgy or Spottail

Diplodus argenteusSpottail Pin fishes swimming in a school. Black dot near tail


Archosargus rhomboidalisPinfish

Yellowfin Mojarra

 Gerres cinereusMojarra - lower profile of head distinctively concave; mouth is extensible, pointing downward

Irish Pompano Mojarra

Diapterus auratusIrish Pompano Mojarra - distant pixelated shot