Why Recycling Changed

What is happening that is forcing cities to make changes to their recycling programs?

Low, and in some cases, no demand in the global marketplace for materials such as glass and plastics #3 through #7, combined with the low value of mixed paper and high rates of contamination (in excess of 45% in Deerfield Beach), have created significant increases in the cost of processing materials.  Most recently and prior to these conditions, the City received approximately $40,000 per year in revenue for the processing of the recycled materials we collected, which was utilized to offset collection costs. Prior to suspension of the curbside program and other program modifications, the city was paying in excess of $400,000 per year for processing charges with a significant portion of these materials going to the landfill due to contamination.  These costs continued to escalate until the curbside program was suspended in July of 2020.

What changes have taken place in our recycling program?

The City has suspended curbside collection of recyclables in the blue cart. You may use your blue cart for overflow garbage if it does not all fit in the brown cart. The blue cart will only be collected on your originally scheduled "recycling" day. Commercial businesses and multi-family communities with excessive and repetitive contamination identified through audits have also been removed from the city’s recycling collection programs. 

What are the benefits? Is there a cost savings?

Delivering materials to the landfill is expected to avoid escalating processing costs due to the low value of material and high contamination rates. While this change may not be the most desirable manner of handling these materials, under the current conditions, it is the best option for the City of Deerfield Beach at this time and until other potential alternatives can be identified or which time there has been significant and sustained improvements to market conditions.

What should residents do with their blue recycling carts?

As both garbage and recycling will be brought to a landfill, there is no longer a need to separate your recyclables from your garbage. At this time all materials should be placed in the brown cart. The blue cart should serve as an overflow container and should only be placed curbside to be serviced on your normal recycling collection day. If you no longer wish to keep your blue recycling cart, please contact our customer service team at SolidWasteCSRV@deerfield-beach.com to schedule it to be picked up. To see when your collection days are please visit www.DFB.city/wastewatch.    

What if one garbage cart is not enough, can I use the blue one?

Yes. You may use your blue cart for overflow material. The blue cart will only be collected a maximum of once per week on your originally scheduled “recycling” collection day.

Is there a way I can have my recycling go to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) instead of a landfill?

Yes. Residents may visit the Recycling Drop-Off Center at 401 SW 4th Street, Deerfield Beach to drop-off recyclables as well as certain special wastes. The City has also placed two additional community recycling containers at the locations below. These containers are for the program recyclables ONLY.

Main Beach Parking Lot, 149 SE 21st Ave, Deerfield Beach, FL

Fire Station 66, 590 S Powerline Rd, Deerfield Beach, FL

For more information, visit www.dfb.city/doc

Who can use the Drop-Off Center?

All City residents may utilize the Recycling Drop-Off Center. All residents utilizing the Center must present proof of residency in Deerfield Beach such as a Driver’s License, I.D. Card, or current utility bill. 

What can be dropped off?

The Recycling Drop Off Center accepts clean and dry recyclables including food and beverage cans and cartons, flattened cardboard, clean plastic bottles and jugs, and glass bottles and jars. The Drop-Off Center also accepts some special wastes. More information about what the Drop-Off Center accepts can be found here: www.dfb.city/doc

To find out how to dispose of unique items, use the Waste Wizard tool by visiting www.DFB.city/wastewatch.

NOTE: Hazardous waste will NOT be accepted at the Recycling Drop-Off Center. 

What are the hours of operation and requirements for use?

The Recycling Drop-Off Center hours of operation will be Monday and Saturday 8 am to noon and Tuesday through Friday 8 am to 4 pm. All residents utilizing the Center must present proof of residency in Deerfield Beach such as a Driver’s License, I.D. Card, or current utility bill.