Central City Area

On April 25th, the Deerfield Beach City Commission heard an innovative redevelopment plan for the Central City Area that runs along Dixie Highway from Hillsboro Boulevard to Sample Road and surrounding areas. The City encourages resident involvement in the future redevelopment of the Central City Area. To request a copy of the presentation, please e-mail the Economic Development Department at: ed@dfb.city. 

The City of Deerfield Beach has partnered with the Urban Land Institute (ULI) of Southeast Florida Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) to study and make recommendations for the redevelopment of the Deerfield Beach Central City Area. The 3.5-mile study area (see below) includes the Dixie Highway corridor from the city line south to Sample Road and the Alwood Homes Neighborhood and is comprised of distinct areas requiring different redevelopment strategies to maximize its potential.

Study Area

Study Area Map

Central City blight area of interested
Central City blight area of interested
Central City Pict 03

ULI Study Area Questions

The recommendations of the Technical Assistance Panel will be driven by seeking to answer a series of questions focused on Central City and Dixie Highway redevelopment feasibility. 

  1. What factors can be identified that are discouraging the redevelopment of the diverse area? 
  2. What is the most viable mix of uses that can be developed over time that would encourage new capital investment, public/private partnerships, and future redevelopment along the Central City Area?
  3. What public infrastructure, services, incentives, or regulatory provisions would encourage and sustain redevelopment in the Central City Area? 
  4. How and where should community spaces be created? What strategies will encourage cultural and entertainment options that would attract a variety of residents? 
  5. How can parking be more effective to address the perceived shortfall in on-street parking, considering: 
    1. Shared parking among businesses 
    2. Right of way consolidation 
    3. Reducing the need for patrons to park in adjoining residential neighborhoods 
    4. Transit options 
  6. What are the most pressing community concerns? 
  7. How can the City address those concerns while establishing trust and collaboration?

ULI TAP Report

Over the course of two days, the ULI TAP sought feedback from the community’s local leaders and residents, toured the Study Area, and formulated recommendations to address identified obstacles to redevelopment and the unique character and potential of the area.

These recommendations are:

  1. Helping the community establish its identity and an agreed-upon vision for the Study Area’s future
  2. Creating a new zoning district for the Study Area that increases flexibility of uses, introduces a form-based design program, and streamlines the development permitting process, which should be formulated with input from all stakeholders so that landowners, developers, and residents alike understand how the process works
  3. Encouraging and supporting local landowners to make property improvements, assemble parcels, and engage in the development process through funding, education, and dedicated staff support
  4. Working with Broward County to establish a funding and management tool to support revitalization throughout the community
  5. Establishing a better line of communication with the community regarding development, to include establishing a community advisory board and hiring a staff person who is dedicated to supporting the Study Area’s redevelopment and revitalization
  6. Incentivizing, encouraging, and supporting the reactivation of vacant lands sooner rather than later through financial, regulatory, and community mechanisms
  7. Utilizing established federal programs to provide financing and funding for infrastructure improvements and new development
  8. Focusing on the future!

For the full report, please email Economic Development at ed@dfb.city 

Findings and Recommendations Presentation

On April 22nd, 2021, the City invited residents and property owners to a Special Commission Workshop to learn about the findings from the study conducted by the Urban Land Institute’s Technical Assistance Panel (ULI-TAP) for the redevelopment of the Central City Area. Over 90 people joined the session in person or virtually, provided valuable input, and expressed their concerns.  A group of people attending the presentation for the Central City Area Opens in new window

  • To request a copy of the presentation, please email the Economic Development Department at ed@dfb.city