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The Ready2Work Program has been designed to assist participants in maximizing access to careers with growth potential with the development of key skills.

The City partners with different organizations to deliver programs that addresses the challenges facing tomorrow’s workforce.

Soft Skills Training with Dale Carnegie

Herramientas de Comunicación para ser un Extraordinario Líder de Influencia with Florida International University (FIU)

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Soft skills are a combination of people and social skills encompassing personality traits and behaviors. These skills strengthen other skills and abilities and equip individuals to adapt more quickly and easily to any role a worker takes on as the future of work continues to evolve. The program is open to 25 Individuals and offers four weeks of training in customer service, decision making, time management, and problem solving. The online program will take place on Thursdays from 6 to 8 pm starting August 5 and will cover the most sought-after skills.

Week 1 - Attitudes for service

Week 2 - Analyzing problems and decision making 

Week 3 - Time Management

Week 4 - Transforming customer complaints into Opportunities

Due to limited space, and to guarantee workshop dynamics this program is open to 25 Deerfield Beach residents/workers. 

  1. For Deerfield Beach Residents:
    1. Candidate must be a full-time resident of Deerfield Beach 
    2. Candidate must provide proof of residence
  2. For Workers of a Deerfield Beach Company
  • Employed for at least 3 months
  • Candidate must provide proof of employment

All candidates must commit to complete the program and must desire to take advantage of and be able to benefit from the value-added services and guidance provided through the program.

Start Date: Thursday August 5

Cost: FREE

To register for the program, please fill the form below and send back to: 

2021 Soft Skills Training Registration

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La Ciudad se asocia con FIU para ofrecer un certificado en Comunicación para residentes y empleados de empresas ubicadas en Deerfield Beach.
El programa está comprendido de 2 sesiones semanales por 4 semanas.
Al finalizar este programa, los participantes podrán:
  1. Impactar, persuadir y conquistar al público en reuniones y entornos interdisciplinarios.
  2. Maximizar las habilidades de negociación a través de resultados que aumentan la productividad efectiva.
  3. Lograr un desarrollo personal y profesional, y ser capaz de ser asertivo usando habilidades de inteligencia emocional
  4. Obtener un Certificado de Unidades de Educación Continua (CEU -por sus siglas en ingles) de la Florida International University
Debido al espacio limitado y para garantizar la dinámica del curso, este programa está abierto a 20 residentes / empleados de empresas ubicadas en Deerfield Beach.
Para los residentes de Deerfield Beach:
  • El candidato debe ser residente a tiempo completo de Deerfield Beach 
  • El candidato debe proporcionar prueba de residencia
Para empleados de empresas ubicadas en Deerfield Beach
  • Empleado durante al menos 3 meses
  • El candidato debe proporcionar prueba de empleo.
Todo candidato debe comprometerse a completar el programa.y debe desear beneficiarse de los servicios de valor agregado y de la orientación brindados a través del programa.

Fecha de Inicio: Lunes 23 de Agosto


Para registrarse en el programa, complete el formulario a continuación y envíelo a

2021 Herramientas de Comunicacion - Formulario de Registro

Asista a la Sesion Informativa a realizarse el 17 de Agosto a las 12:30 y escuche acerca del contenido del programa, los objetivos y las aptitudes que podrá desarrollar durante las cuatro semanas de duración.
Inscríbase en la sesión informativa haciendo click aquí.

For further information, please contact the Department of Economic Development at 954-395-6051 or

Rapid Credential Program with Broward College 

The City is partnering with Broward College to encourage City residents to enroll in an in-demand, high quality Certificate program to get critical skills in essential and emerging careers.  Rapid Credential provides participants with critical skills needed in essential and emerging careers. These programs are designed so that individuals can train in a minimum amount of time and quickly join the workforce in a high-wage career with a Technical Certificate and/or an industry certification credential at NO COST to the student. Programs are available in Business, Education, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Health Care and more. Classes start in the fall of 2021. For the full schedule, please visit

  Classes start in the fall of 2021. For the full class schedule, please visit:

  Cost: FREE for eligible Florida Residents