Workforce Development

The City of Deerfield Beach recognizes that workforce development is an essential component of economic growth and designs and implements programs to create, sustain and retain a workforce that can support the changing needs of current and future businesses.

The City partners with prestigious organizations to develop and provide job training for unemployed and/or underemployed residents, and provide local employers with access to job-specific skilled workers.

Programs are tailored to provide job training in the skills employers are seeking:

  • Ready2Work, a 5 week program that trains unemployed and underemployed Deerfield Beach residents in soft skills and job searching success. The program is open to 30 full time residents of Deerfield Beach of at least 18 years of age. 

The City will continue to support the growth of existing businesses with talent development initiatives, and will continue to work with local schools and institutes of higher education to ensure opportunities are available for its residents.