Fish Guide

Interesting CreaturesHorizontal Line for separation


Wiper - view of the underwater with the wiper in the way

DFB Maintenance Diver

Homo sapien
Diver 1 - Close up of blond male diver

DFB Maintenance Diver

Homo sapien
Diver 2 - Close up of male diver in a camo wetsuit

DFB Maintenance Diver

Homa sapien
Diver close up face

DFB Maintenance Diver

Homo sapien
DFB Maintenance Diver


Isopod is a crustacean that is a parasite of fish. This isopod is seen here attached to a blue tang.


Phalacrocorax auritus
Cormorant bird swimming by the underwater camera


Copepod attached to barracuda face

InvertebratesHorizontal Line for separation

Arrow Crab

Stenorhynchus seticornis
Arrow Crab - night shot of crab jumping on camera, it looks like a spider shadow.

Decorator Crab

Crab Coral - this crab has coral shoots growing from it and it completely camouflaged - until it mov

Hermit Crab

Hermit Crab walking on piling

Spiny Lobster

Panulirus argus
Spiny Lobster only the top part and head of body can be seen

Decorator Crab (?)

Decorator Crab at night in IR mode


(not sure of species)
Crab walking across piling

Moon Jellyfish

Aurelia aurita
Moon-Jelly floating with filefish poking it

Jellyfish / Comb Jelly

Jelly fish are hard to see because they are transparent, however a dark piling is in the background

Spotwing Comb Jelly

Ocyropsis maculata
Spotwing Jelly swimming towards camera

Unknown Jellyfish

Need help identifing
manowar floating down the pylon

Hydroid (growth on lens)

Cnidarian classHydroid growth covering the camera dome


Hermodice carunculataFireworm inching its way down the piling in I.R. mode (night vision).


Lolliguncula brevis
Two squid sycronized swimming


Cephalopods class
Pict of a small octopus scaling up the pylon and camouflaging itself to match the red and white cora

Sea Urchin

Tripneustes ventricosus
sea urchin on dirty camera being removed by wiper

Atlantic Black Sea Hare

Aplysia morioBlack sea hare that looks similar to a slug with wings

Grunts / Chubs / Snappers / SoapfishHorizontal Line for separation

Bluestriped Grunt

Haemulon sciurus
Bluestriped Grunt swimming towards camera with mouth open.

Tomtate Grunt

Haemulon aurolineatum
Multiple Tomtates swimming - black spot on tail stripe going down side

Small Mouth Grunt

Brachygenys chrysargyreum
smallmouth grunts - small fish with yellow stripes

Black Margate

Anisotremus surinamensis
Margate fish that is a white silver body with black fins and tail and a black mark on the body

Sailors-Choice Grunt

Haemulon parra
sailors-choice animated gif of swimming


Orthopristis chrysoptera
Pigfish pecking at the sand

Mangrove/Gray Snapper

Lutjanus griseus
Grunt - Sailors Choice.  The body of this fish has reddish brown dots covering the silver body.

Young Mangrove Snapper

Lutjanus griseus
Gray Snapper fish - has a blackish gray stripe over its eye which runs from its nose to its back acr

Mutton Snapper

Lutjanus analis
Mutton Snapper - olive green on back and upper sides with pink hue fading to lighter belly & dark sp

Schoolmaster Snapper

Lutjanus apodus
Schoolmaster snapper -body is olive gray with yellow hue fading to lighter belly, with brilliant yel

Dog Snapper

Lutjanus jocu
Dog Snapper - fish has a yellowish tint to it but the defining point is the white triangular marking


soapfish swimming up the pylon

Baby Porkfish

Anisotremus virginicus
Blurry baby pork fish with a transparent backend.

Porkfish Juvenile

Anisotremus virginicus
Porkfish Juvenile - more of a white fish with 2 black stripes running down vertically - one of top a


Anisotremus virginicus
Porkfish that is yellow with white horizontal stripes and 2 black stripes on head

Chub - Bermuda or Topsail

Kyphosus sectatrix or Kyphosus bigibbus
Chub - Topsail or spotted, they are light tan in color with multiple white spots all over the body.


Kyphosus sectatrix
Chub - Bermuda / Gray, 3 chubs swimming one facing camera the other 2 fish showing their profile.


Archosargus probatocephalus
sheepshead getting ready to eat off the plyon

Small Reef Fish Horizontal Line for separation


Need help identifying
Blenny fish is protecting it's home located in a small coral on the piling.  It has a white belly

"King Benny" the Blenny

Need help identifying
King Benny sticking his head out of a barnacle

Hairy Blenny

Labrisomus nuchipinnis (courting color)
Hairy Blenny on bottom of ocean floor with big eyes staring at you

Hairy Blenny

Labrisomus nuchipinnisDowny Blenny, larger than a blenny, swimming down pylon.

Hairy Blenny

Labrisomus nuchipinnis (courting color)Hairy Blenny Courting Colors zebra stripes with red head

Dusky Damselfish

Stegastes adustus
Dusky Damselfish Adult


Yellowbelly Hamlet - small blue and yellow fish that is like a gradient across the fish starting at

Dusky Damselfish Juvenile

Stegastes adustus
Dusky Damselfish Juvenile eating from the reef.  Beautifully colored fish with a black dot on its ba

Male Sergeant Major

Abudefduf saxatilis (guarding eggs)
Night Sergeant - small fish with black stripes

Sergeant Major

Abudefduf saxatilis
Sergeant Major - small fish with black and white stripes and a touch of yellow on top.

Silvery / Gray / Shiny Fish Horizontal Line for separation


Sphyraena barracuda
Barracuda swimming by a piling

Northern Sennet

Sphyraena borealis
Four Sennet swimming past the piling

Silver Porgy

Diplodus argenteus
Spottail Pin fishes swimming in a school. Black dot near tail


Archosargus rhomboidalis
Seabream swimming


Pomatomus saltatrix

Rainbow Runner

Elagatis bipinnulata
Rainbow Runner has yellow tail and 2 blue stripes

Courtesy of Mark B.


Selene vomer
Lookdown - very flat fish that is flashy silver with subtle silver stripes and long dorsal fin and a


Selene setapinnis
Moonfish - shiny silver fish very similar to a lookdown except the moonfish has shorter fins and a s


Rachycentron canadumCobia swimming in beautiful clear water


 Megalops atlanticus
Tarpon - 7 each tarpon swimming one next to another as if they were one fish.

Cero Mackerel

Scomberomorus regalisCero Mack lateral line curves gradually down towards tail base.


 Centropomus undecimalisSnook with its distinctive black stripe running along its yellow body.

Yellow Jack

Caranx bartholomaei
Yellow Jack - silver fish with yellow tail and fins.

Yellow Jack (color changing)

Caranx bartholomaei
Yellow Jack completely yellow next to a spanish hog

Blue Runner

Caranx crysos
Blue Runners in aqua colored water swimming in a school towards camera

Horse-Eye Jack

Caranx latus
Horse-eye jack has big dark eyes, less steep of head compared to other jacks, yellow tail and dark c

Florida Pompano

Trachinotus carolinusPompano swimming in the distance - hard to make out details

Courtesy of Mark B.

Bar Jack

Caranx ruberFour Bar Jacks swimming, with an identifiable black/blue stripe outlining the top of their body

Lesser Amberjack

Seriola fasciataShiny jack fish with a stripe running from the top fin down to its mouth going over its eye.

Amberjack Juvenile

Seriola fasciata
Juvenile amberjacks have five dark body bands that are vertically irregularly split with a sixth ban

Courtesy of Bryan Slaton

Almaco Jack

Seriola rivoliana
Almaco Jack very similar to the Amberjack but the dorsal fin is longer and more hooked.


 Ablennes hiansNeedleFish swimming in distance. This fish is thin and long.

Courtesy of Gretchen Michael Allen


 Gerres cinereusMojarra - lower profile of head distinctively concave; mouth is extensible, pointing downward


Trachinotus falcatus
Bad picture of a Permit swimming in complete murkiness. All you can make out is the dark tail

Really bad shot, but it happened!


Lagodon rhomboides

Courtesy of Steve Aiken

Odd-Shaped Fish / Bottom DwellersHorizontal Line for separation


Diodon hystrix
Porcupinefish swimming towards camera.  Porcupinefish is an odd shaped fish and has black polkadots


Diodon holocanthus
Balloonfish - teardrop-shaped body with brown blotches & black spots over entire body. Large iridesc


Uncertain species
Scorpion fish - 3 bad pict. 2 are far distant pylon as fish swims around. 3rd is a close up camoufla

(camouflaged on right side)

Scrawled Filefish

Aluterus scriptus
Scrawled Filefish facing camera with kissy lips.

Planehead Filefish

Stephanolepis hispidus
Planehead Filefish has soft, simple fins with comparatively small pectoral fins and truncated, fan-s

Orangespotted Filefish

Cantherhines pullus
Orangespotted filefish - dark brownish fish with yellow vertical stripes that carry through to its f

Orange Filefish

Aluterus schoepfii
orange filefish looking very tattered and beaten


Pareques acuminatus
Night image in IR mode of a Highhat

Gray Triggerfish

Balistes capriscus
Triggerfish - more oval shaped with large top fin and bottom fin.  Gray in color and has spots and l


Pterois volitansLion fish floating in front of piling with its brownish black stripes and venomous spiky fin rays

Sharpnose Puffer

Canthigaster rostrata
Sharpnose Puffer is small with pointed nose/snout tan on top with white belly and yellow highlighted

Remora - Sharksucker

Uncertain of species
Remora hitching a ride on a shark

Scrawled Cowfish

Acanthostracion quadricornis
scrawled cowfish is similar to the smooth trunkfish, this fish is triangular box shape with horns li

Honeycomb Cowfish

Acanthostracion polygonius
honeycomb cowfish - very close to a scrawled cowfish but has a honeycomb pattern

Smooth Trunkfish

Lactophrys triqueter
Smooth Trunkfish - very odd shaped fish, it has kissy fish lips and is a black fish with white dots

Glassy Sweeper

Pempheris schomburgkiiglassy sweeper - small fish big belly and eyes, in rough water


Uncertain of speciesTwo flounders swimming just above the sand

Pipefish or Trumpetfish

Uncertain of speciespipefish swimming by on very bottom of screen - looks like a see through snake


Hippocampus reidi
Seahorse on bottom swimming alone

Courtesy of Passionfruit

Oval Shaped Fish Horizontal Line for separation

Blue Tang

Acanthurus coeruleusBlue Tang profile shot swimming with a Porkfish

Blue Tang Juvenile

Acanthurus coeruleusBlue Tang Juvenile fish which is a yellow fish with a blue outline.


Acanthurus chirurgus
Doctorfish - similar to the Blue Tang, but more chocolate in color with blue highlights on tips of f

Ocean Surgeonfish

Acanthurus tractus
Similar to the Doctorfish & Blue Tang but has blue marking up nose and over eye makes it look like b

French Angelfish Juvenile

Pomacanthus paru
French Angelfish Juvenile - black fish with vertical yellow stripes and the very tips of the fins ha

French Angelfish

Pomacanthus paru
French Angelfish swimming.  Black fish with yellow dots.

Gray Angelfish

Pomacanthus arcuatus
Gray angelfish - blackish Gray angelfish, looks identical to a french angelfish but in black & white

Blue Angelfish

Holacanthus bermudensis
Blue Angelfish - yellow body and brilliant yellow tail with beautiful electric blue highlights

Queen Angelfish

Holacanthus ciliaris
Queen Angelfish with vivid yellow and blue coloring and a mark on the forehead like a crown

Atlantic Spadefish

Chaetodipterus faber
Spadefish markings like a zebra black and white stripes

Parrotfishes / Wrasses / HogHorizontal Line for separation

Stoplight Parrotfish

Sparisoma viride
Stoplight Parrot - large scales that are brown and shimmery on top and a red belly.

Courtesy of Erik Summerville

Stoplight Parrotfish Terminal

Sparisoma viride
Stoplight parrotfish terminal phase, beautiful pinks, iridescent blues and aqua greens

Yellowtail Parrotfish Initial

Sparisoma rubripinne
Yellowtail Parrotfish swimming towards camera headon.

Redband Parrotfish

Sparisoma aurofrenatum
Redband Parrotfish blurry picture of a pink finned large scaled with yellow pink and silvery tint. H

Redband Parrotfish Initial

Sparisoma aurofrenatum
Redband Parrotfish initial phase, the skin is partially iridescent.

Rainbow Parrotfish

Scarus guacamaia
Rainbow Parrotfish - beautiful iridescent scales, the front of the fish is more of a red hue where t

Bluehead Wrasse Terminal

Thalassoma bifasciatum
Bluehead Wrasse terminal phase - blue head, black-white-black stripe at the neck line and a yellow b

Bluehead Wrasse Intermediate

Thalassoma bifasciatum
Bluehead Wrasse Intermediate - yellow top with white belly small fish

Bluehead Wrasse Juvenile

Thalassoma bifasciatum
Bluehead Wrasse Juvenile - small fish with white belly, black, yellow black stripe from top to cente

Puddingwife Juvenile

Halichoeres radiatus
Puddingwife Wrasse yellow and white with black spot

Spanish Hogfish

Bodianus rufus
Spanish Hogfish which is yellow in color with a purple top.  This fish has humanlike teeth.

Courtesy of Brooks Creek


Lachnolaimus maximus
Hogfish picture, red in color with a long snout & first 3 dorsal fin spines are elongated and whispy

Sharks / Rays / Turtle / Eels / ManateesHorizontal Line for separation

Southern Stingray

Hypanus americanusStingray flying by on the bottom of the ocean. Stingrays have fins that look like wings and a whip l

Spotted Eagle Ray

Aetobatus narinari
Spotted Eagle Ray - black in color covered in white spots and a whip like tail.

Yellow Stingray

Urobatis jamaicensis
Skate - GIF of a Skate Ray in the distance on the bottom of the ocean floor swimming.

Manta Ray

Manta ray swimming between pilings

Spotted Eagle Ray

Aetobatus narinari
Cownosed-Ray swims by in school of fish. It is kite-shaped with long, whip-like tail.

Southern Stingray

Hypanus americanus
Southern Stingray swimming across bottom of ocean floor at a distance. Flat, diamond-shaped with whi


Pseudobatos lentiginosusGuitarfish swimming on bottom of ocean floor, looks like a ray but has dorsal like a shark

Green Sea Turtle

Chelonia mydas
Green Sea Turtle diving down head first past the camera.

Loggerhead Turtle

Caretta carettaTurtle - Loggerhead, close up shot of turtle swimming to the piling.  It is brown in color.

Atlantic Sharpnose Shark

Rhizoprionodon terraenovae Frantically swimming shark through bait fish

Nurse Shark

Ginglymostoma cirratum
medium sized Nurse Shark on bottom casting a large shadow

Great Hammerhead

Sphyrna mokarran
Hammerhead swimming on bottom away from camera

Lemon Shark

Negaprion brevirostrisLemon shark front angle closeup of mouth and nostrils

Lemon Shark

Negaprion brevirostris
Lemon Shark profile swimming by camera


two manatees swimming in the sunrays

Bait Fish Horizontal Line for separation

Atlantic Bumper Bait Fish
Atlantic Bumper Bait Fish - a school swimming together to form a giant mass of darkness with several

Scad Bait Fish
Scad Bait Fish filling the entire screen up with hundreds of these tiny bait fish.

Glass Minnow or Round Scad
Glass Minnow - hundreds of little tiny minnows swimming in all directions, it looks like glitter.