DFB Fish

Barracuda swimming by a piling

Blue Tang
Blue Tang profile shot swimming with a Porkfish

French Angelfish French Angelfish swimming.  Black fish with yellow dots.

Sergeant Major Sergeant Major - small fish with black and white stripes and a touch of yellow on top.

Scrawled Filefish Scrawled Filefish, odd shaped fish that is light tan in color with electric blue pin stripes and sma

Smooth Trunkfish Smooth Trunkfish - very odd shaped fish, it has kissy fish lips and is a black fish with white dots

Stoplight Parrotfish
Stoplight Parrot Initial - large scales that are brown and shimmery on top and a red belly.  The fis

Silver Porgy
Silver Porgy - school of silver porgies swimming by.  They have an unmistakable black dot by tail an

Triggerfish - more oval shaped with large top fin and bottom fin.  Gray in color and has spots and l

Nurse Shark
Nurse Shark

Cobia swimming towards camera in murky water

Black Margate
Black Margate fish swimming on bottom of ocean.

Blue Tang - Juvenile
Blue Tang Juvenile fish which is a yellow fish with a blue outline.

French Angelfish - Juvenile
French Angelfish Juvenile, black fish with yellow stripes that are starting to change to the yellow

Male Sergeant MajorNight Sergeant - small fish with black stripes

Dusky Damselfish - Juvenile Dusky Damselfish Juvenile eating from the reef.  Beautifully colored fish with a black dot on its ba

Porkfish Porkfish - yellow and white striped fish that is so colorful the contract between the 2 colors almos

Tarpon Tarpon - large silver fish swimming around piling.  Tarpon have large scales and this particular tar

Rainbow Parrotfish
Rainbow Parrotfish - beautiful iridescent scales, the front of the fish is more of a red hue where t

Yellow Jack
Yellow Jack - silver fish with yellow tail and fins.

Hammerhead Shark
Hammerhead Shark - distinctive structure of their heads, which are flattened and laterally extended

Bluestriped Grunt
Bluestriped Grunt swimming towards camera with mouth open.

Chub - Bermuda / Gray, 3 chubs swimming one facing camera the other 2 fish showing their profile.

Lookdown fish.  This is a silverly flat fish who is looking at the camera.

Porcupinefish swimming towards camera.  Porcupinefish is an odd shaped fish and has black polkadots

Yellowbelly Hamlet - small blue and yellow fish that is like a gradient across the fish starting at

Orangespotted Filefish
Orangespotted filefish - dark brownish fish with yellow vertical stripes that carry through to its f

Porkfish Juvenile
Porkfish Juvenile - more of a white fish with 2 black stripes running down vertically - one of top a

Sheepshead - black and white striped fish.  In this picture there are several swimming around the pi

Snook - far shot of the snook swimming around the piling.  This fish has more of a pointed nose and

Lemon Shark
Bull Shark - swimming on the bottom of the ocean.  It’s appearance is gray on top and whiter on t