Economic Development Programs

The City's Business Programs are a free service designed to provide technical assistance to spur business growth and creation and to identify the needs of local employers to connect them with resources to help companies thrive in Deerfield Beach.


Business Education Sessions

These online sessions are targeted at providing access to resources and information for small business owners and entrepreneurs. By bringing together key business owners and top management to these sessions, understanding their needs, and brainstorming on the best ways to address them, the business community and local government can make valuable contributions to assist in the creation of a healthy and vibrant business climate that creates an opportunity for everyone in Deerfield Beach. 

Online sessions are free of charge, but registration is required. Topics vary and agendas are usually as follows: 

  • Session Introduction by the partner organization 
  • Deerfield Beach Economic Development Update 
  • Key Note Speaker(s)
  • Q&A session

Upcoming Sessions

June 27 06:00 pm If Disney Ran your Business...
August 23 06:00 pm Motivacion al Logro
September 23 06:00 pm S.E.O. Basics


Entrepreneurship Program 

The Entrepreneurship Program has been designed to bring business ideas to life. The program is free and targets aspiring entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and freelancers that want to explore and activate income-generating ideas suited to their background, interest, and capabilities. 

Next sessions:

Saturdays - June 10th to 24 8:30am to 12:30 pm

Location: Hillsboro Community Center

50 Hillsboro Technology Drive, Deerfield Beach

Registrations open May 5th


Business Visitation Program

The Business Visitation Program is a free service designed to enhance lines of communication with the local businesses, identify their needs and connect them with available resources. The Program also allows the Economic Development staff to gather valuable industry data to be used for future planning. No business is individually identified in the reporting of results. 

During a confidential one-hour on-site visit the City of Deerfield Beach Economic Development team meets with business owners and managers to better understand industry needs and identify resources to meet those needs. The program also provides businesses with an opportunity to share and showcase what they do best. 

Based on each company’s interests and needs, staff may address programs or services that can save the business time and money, such as: 

  • Connections to state incentive programs and grants 
  • Municipal planning and permitting 
  • Government regulations 
  • Talent attraction and training 
  • Business to Business introductions 

After the visit, the Economic Development staff follows up on issues found during the meeting and remains the business’ first call for all types of questions or assistance throughout the year. 

The City of Deerfield Beach invites business owners and managers to participate in the Business Visitation Program. To schedule a visit, or to request an invite to a Business Roundtable, please email Gigi Chazu, Economic Development Coordinator or call 954-395-6051.


HireDFB Program

HireDFB has been designed to encourage the hiring and retention of Deerfield Beach residents to jobs in the City and to help offset onboarding costs. Eligible applicants may receive a one-time award based in increments of $500 per eligible employee for a maximum of 100 awards per business.


Applicants must meet all the following requirements to be eligible to receive assistance: 

  • Be non-retail businesses located within City limits. 
  • Applicants must possess a valid City and County Business license. 
  • A business must either own the property or have an executed multi-year lease. (2-year minimum) 
  • The new jobs offered by the Applicant shall add to the City’s total job base and/or result in a net increase in the number of employees of the non-retail business.


Application submissions that qualify will be awarded on a first-come basis until funding has been depleted for the FY in which the Program is active. Validation and determination of award based on application and supporting documentation is at the sole discretion of the City.

Summary of Terms 

  • The program is subject to the City’s funding cycle and applications are accepted and reviewed on a first-come, first eligible, first complete basis. 
  • All new jobs must be on-site at a facility located within City limits. 
  • Existing employees on current payroll are not eligible. 
  • The employer must offer a minimum of 5 new jobs. 
  • Preference will be given to businesses that hire residents from low-income census tracts in Deerfield Beach. 
  • Positions must be filled within one (1) month of approval of application. 
  • Employer must retain employee(s) for a minimum of three months. 
  • An award may be made based in increments of $500 per eligible employee for a maximum of 100 awards per business. This means an employer may receive up to $50,000 per program year for eligible new hires employed.


Workforce Development / Ready2Work Program

Workforce development is an essential component of economic growth and designs and implements programs to create, sustain and retain a workforce that can support the changing needs of current and future businesses. As stated in the Economic Development Strategy, the City is committed to creating new job opportunities for Deerfield Beach residents by developing intensive, industry-specific job training, and education programs in target and cluster industry sectors. 

The City partners with prestigious organizations to develop and provide job training for residents and employees of companies located within City limits, and to supply local employers with access to job-specific skilled workers. Programs are tailored to provide job training in the skills employers are seeking, such as Soft Skills, Leadership, Business Operations, Human Resources, Project Management, Health Care, Supply Chain Operations, and more. The Workforce Development, or what is referred to as Ready2Work Program, has been designed to assist participants in maximizing access to careers with growth potential with the development of key skills. The programs offered are listed below.

Training for the Hispanic Entrepreneur:

Líderes de Extraordinaria Influencia (Rescheduled for August 22nd) 

La Ciudad se asocia una vez mas con Florida International University (FIU) para ofrecer un certificado en Comunicación para residentes, dueños de negocios y empleados de empresas ubicadas en Deerfield Beach. El programa gratuito está comprendido de 2 sesiones semanales por 4 semanas. El mismo sera conducido por la conocida autora de best sellers, Sonia Gonzalez-Boysen.

Al finalizar el programa, los participantes podrán: 

  1. Impactar, persuadir y conquistar al público en reuniones y entornos interdisciplinarios. 
  2. Maximizar las habilidades de negociación a través de resultados que aumentan la productividad efectiva. 
  3. Lograr un desarrollo personal y profesional, y ser capaz de ser asertivo usando habilidades de inteligencia emocional. 
  4. Obtener un Certificado Digital de Florida International University.

Este programa estará abierto a 20 participantes residentes / empleados de empresas ubicadas en Deerfield Beach. Todo candidato debe ser mayor de 18 años, poseer diploma de secundaria e identificación valida. También debe comprometerse a completar el programa. 

  • Fecha de Inicio: Agosto 22, 2022 
  • Horario: Lunes y Miercoles de 06:00 p.m. a 8:00 p.m. 
  • Costo: GRATUITO
  • Registro cerrado

Para mayor informacion o inscripciones de grupo, comuniquese con Gigi Chazu al 954-246-2874 o

Que dicen los graduandos del programa anterior?

The Foundation for Business Success Success Program

In partnership with Dale Carnegie of South East Florida, the City offers a Free Certificate Program in the Foundations for Business Success. This world-renowned training is intended to assist business owners, entrepreneurs and the general public in building the courage and confidence needed to polish the unique strengths that ultimately help them achieve more in every part of their business life. Free of cost for City of Deerfield Beach residents, business owners and employees of companies located within City limits.  

Sessions include

The Foundation for Success

  • Understand the cycle for growth and change
  • Develop a motivating vision as a professional
  • Create professional connections that enhance success

Empowering Communication

  • Use our experiences to communicate more confidently  
  • Communicate with clarity and conciseness  
  • Discover how past experiences Influence

Take Command

  • Identify personal hot buttons and our role in disagreements
  • Give others the benefit of the doubt and cushion opinions for greater acceptance
  • Apply a formula for contributing Ideas and disagreeing in an agreeable way

Elevate and Inspire Others

  • Celebrate success
  • Concentrate on the strengths of others
  • Develop skills in giving and receiving positive feedback

Start Date: August 11 

Times: Thursday 06:00 to 08:00 p.m.

Location: Online


For further information, please email Gigi Chazu, Economic Development Coordinator at or call 954-246-2874.

Rapid Credential Program 

The City is partnering with Broward College to encourage City residents to enroll in an in-demand, high-quality Certificate program to get critical skills in essential and emerging careers. Rapid Credential provides participants with critical skills needed in essential and emerging careers. These programs are designed so that individuals can train in a minimum amount of time and quickly join the workforce in a high-wage career with a Technical Certificate and/or an industry certification credential at NO COST to the student.

Programs are available in Business, Education, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Health Care, and more. 

  • Classes start in the fall of 2021
  • Full schedule
  • FREE for eligible Florida Residents


The program includes comprehensive content for aspiring entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and freelancers. All legal business ideas from attendees for generating revenue will be explored. Regardless of the end product or service, or the delivery method (e-commerce, brick and mortar, home-based, non-profit, etc.), participants will learn the requirements for the successful execution of their idea. The instructor will walk participants through the Business Model Canvas in a very dynamic way to encourage creativity and innovation. 

  • 2022 Dates: September 27
  • More Information