Report Illegal Dumping


The City of Deerfield has partnered with Broward County Crime Stoppers to assist with the illegal dumping problem we are experiencing. If you see illegal dumping and have information on who is doing this illegal activity but want to remain anonymous, click on the above link  providing information on who, what , where and when. You may call Tip line: (954) 493-8477.

​Illegal dumping is a crime and in violation of Florida Statutes Chapter 403 called the Florida Litter Law. If you see illegal dumping occurring within our City please immediately call Broward County Sheriff Office NON-EMERGENCY number at 954-764-4357 to report. Provide them with a tag number, description of the vehicle, person or persons observed and the material dumped. Video and photos are a big plus.

​To report Illegal Dumping to Code Compliance Department to address the material or provide information, please call or text photos to 954-740-3384 or click the link below to file an online complaint.

Online Inkforce Code Complaint.


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