Crime Mapping


What is Crimemapping?

CrimeMapping is an exciting law enforcement tool that puts crime statistics and trends at the hands of any Broward County resident who wants to be better informed of crime in their neighborhood.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office launched this online mapping application, which proactively shares information with the public, in July of 2014 at the insistence of Deerfield Beach Commissioner Bill Ganz. Since elected in March 2009, Commissioner Ganz has made crime information and sharing in his district a top priority.

“When I first put together my District 4 crime alert, I did it because I felt that keeping our residents informed on crime in their neighborhood is extremely important, both from a safety standpoint and as a crime prevention strategy. Sheriff Israel and his team have worked hard with our staff to create an online solution that meets our needs and surpasses our wildest expectations,” Deerfield City Commissioner Bill Ganz said.

City administrators saw the need for more visibility in determining crime trends within their neighborhoods and reached out to BSO for the solution. Working collaboratively with BSO’s Information Technology Division, city officials helped develop the project into fruition.
CrimeMapping is a web-based interactive service that provides reliable and timely crime information. The site puts analytical information in the hands of users with an easy-to-use interface, icons depicting various types of crimes and search capabilities within the geographical areas served by BSO. The user can also search for crimes within a given date range, going back six months from the date of the search.

Want to be alerted when a crime happens near your home, work or school? CrimeMapping allows users to sign up for automatic crime alerts within their areas of interest. The site can also make it easier to report information on specific crimes by providing a link to the Broward Crime Stoppers website. Civic engagement and neighborhood policing at its best!

“Community involvement is invaluable in crime prevention. By making residents aware of the crimes happening in their surroundings, we’re empowering them to take an active role in helping us keep an eye on crime,” Sheriff Scott Israel said.

Access the CrimeMapping site by going to: or simply click here to register for CrimeMapping. A CrimeMapping iPhone app is available for download with an Android version of the application expected to be released by year’s end.

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