Current City Projects

rendering of the proposed city hall

City Hall Exterior Improvements

This proposed project will include wind retrofits replacing existing low slope and pitched roof areas and windows and doors with impact resistant windows and doors.  The work generally includes hardening or strengthening of the existing building, as well as drainage improvements for City Hall parking lot and perimeter streets.

Cost: Estimated $2,004,447.10

Completion Date: TBD

Status: Pending funds from FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant

rendering of the proposed Johnny L Tigner building

Johnny L. Tigner Center

This project consists of demolition of the existing one-story Tigner Center to accommodate a new two-story building totaling 14,000 sf.  The goal is to locate the new community center in the same vicinity of the demolished building, adjacent to the Gymnasium, and incorporate a canopy structure between the two buildings.  

Cost: $9,116,547

Completion Date: Spring 2024

Status: Project awarded to Design Builder Team Walter Zackria Associates and MBR Construction

rendering of proposed Deerfield Beach Senior Center East View

Center for Active Aging

This project consists of construction of a new Center for Active Aging facility encompassing a single-story Adult Day Services Center with Activity Lounge and a Senior Services Center with large Multi-purpose rooms.  Additionally, the site will include a separate facility for Childcare/Daycare for pre-school aged children

Cost: $11,247,918

Completion Date: Spring 2024

Status: Under contract with Design Builder Team Shiff Construction & Development and Synalovski Romanik Saye, LLC

Safe Routes to School Map

Deerfield Elementary Safe Routes to School

The scope of work includes constructing missing segments of 5-foot-wide concrete sidewalk, highly visible and reflective signage, striping, and markings to enhance the safety of students; and provide crosswalks at all affect intersections in the area bounded by SW 4 Street to the north, SW 10 Street to the south, Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue to the west and Dixie Highway to the east.

Cost: $382,419

Completion Date: June 2024

Status: Federal Funds are programmed for construction in FY23.  Project is in design.

pedestrian lighting

Citywide Pedestrian Street Light Improvements

This project is funded by the Broward County Mobility Advancement Program and consists of installation of pedestrian level lighting on two city corridors to include: SW 6 Ave from SW 15 St to SW 10 St & NW 3 Ave from Sample Road to NW 48 St.  

Cost: $800,000

Completion Date: TBD

Status: In Design

FAU Proposed Typical Sections

FAU Research Boulevard Design

This project is funded by the Broward County Mobility Advancement Program.  The project scope consists of widening FAU Research Blvd. (SW 11th Way) from SW 48th Street to SW 10th Street from two to four lanes, the addition of sidewalks, buffered bicycle lanes, and linear walking trails to encourage multiple modes of transportation, innovative intersection design, landscaping, lighting, and stormwater improvements for the entire area.  

Cost: $423,500

Completion Date: Summer 2025

Status: Pending Individual Project Agreement with Broward County

Pioneer Grove SE 2nd looking north section

Pioneer Grove Streetscape and Infrastructure Design

This project is funded by the Broward County Mobility Advancement Program. Pioneer Grove Infrastructure Improvements - Pedestrian Lighting and Complete Streets Project is a proposed road reconstruction.  The scope of work includes improvements for ADA accessibility, wide sidewalks, bicycle facilities, crosswalks, stormwater, intersection, landscaping, and lighting improvements.

Cost: $300,000

Completion Date: October 2023

Status: Pending Individual Project Agreement with Broward County

SE 13 Ave Bridge

City Bridge Rehabilitation (SE 13 Avenue)

This project is funded by the Broward County Mobility Advancement Program.  The proposed repair and maintenance for this bridge includes repair of delaminated concrete, sealing of cracks, replacement of deteriorated retaining walls, retrofit of approach slabs, and guardrail replacement.  

Cost: $749,890

Completion Date: April 2023

Status: Pending Individual Project Agreement with Broward County

bulk tank

Bulk Chemical Storage Tank

The Antiscalant chemical bulk tank is due to be replaced as part of their scheduled preventative maintenance.

Cost: $27,579

Completion Date: December 2021

Status: Manufacturer creating drawings for the tank.

East water Repump facility improvments Phase II

East Water Repump Facility Phase II

Demolition of East water Treatment plant facilities and replacement of high service pump eight, two air compressor, chain link fence and gates around facility and adjacent ground storage tank.  

Cost: $963,637.19

Completion Date: October 2021

Status: Completed

West Water Treatment Plant Chlorine Conversion Project

West Water Treatment Plant Chlorine Conversion

Replacement of the existing chlorine gas facilities with a new sodium hypochlorite storage and feed facility. The new facility will be located within the existing chlorine building. Upgrades to instrumentation and controls will be provided so that the facility can be monitored and controlled remotely from the WTP SCADA system. The project will convert the plant's gaseous chlorine disinfection to liquid chlorine.

Cost: $2,734,719

Completion Date: October 2023

Status: In Progress

Well Rehabilitation project

Well 21 & 22 Rehabilitation Project

The City currently operates six surficial wells that supply raw water to the water treatment plant and are located to the West of interstate 95. The West wellfield rehabilitation project will allow the water plant to contract well drillers to come onsite and redevelop each well. This redevelopment includes brushing of the casing, over pumping, and air development. The rehabilitation efforts lead to less stress on plant equipment and a more efficient operation which saves money and resources.

Cost: $300,000

Completion Date: June 2021

Status: Completed

West Water Plant Site Security Project

West Water Plant Site Security Project

As part of the updated Emergency Response Plan, the water plant will install a new security system and electromagnetic locks throughout the water plant. 

Cost: $622,177

Completion Date: February 2023

Status: In Progress

West Water Plant Facility Improvements

West Water Plant Facility Improvements

The installation and replacement of hurricane shutters for the West Water Treatment Plant. 

Cost: $44,359.79

Completion Date: February 2022

Status: Completed


Utilities - West Water Treatment Plant/Electrical & SCADA

Upgrade the water plant Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) control software, software supports, hardware, wiring, network, RTU, server software, parts replacement, and instrumentation.

Cost: $130,000

Completion Date: October 2021

Status: Completed

Aquatic Center Pool and Deck Renovation

Aquatic Center Renovations

The existing swimming pool and deck at the Deerfield Beach Aquatic Center will be renovated with new waterproofing, return and drainage systems, start platforms, timing system, deck lighting and scoreboard.

Cost: $1,635,986

Completion Date: December 2022

Status: In progress

Tower 9

With the passing of time, the aggressive nature of the saltwater environment deteriorates the lifeguard stations wooden structures and associated metallic hardware.  As the life cycles of the existing structures are completed, the City of Deerfield Beach is renovating the lifeguard stations along the City's coastline.  Additionally, the City is expanding the lifeguard stations with one tower for an improved coverage of the beach.

Under this project, nine existing lifeguard towers will be replaced and one additional  tower will be created on the North Beach.  The ten lifeguard stations will be built in three stages.

Stage I: Lifeguard Stations  #2 and #3 (FY 22)

Stage II: Lifeguard Stations #0, #1, #4, and #9 (FY23)

Stage III: Lifeguard Stations #5, #6, #7 and #8 (FY24)

The new lifeguard stations will have enhanced security and visibility for lifeguards.


Stage I:   $423,633

Stage II:  $847,266

Stage III: $847,266

Contractor: Hartzell Construction Inc.

Construction Start Date: 

Stage I: June 28th, 2022

Stage II: October 17th, 2022

Stage III: Fall 2023

Completion Date:

Stage I:   Summer 2023

Stage II:  Summer 2023

Stage III: Summer 2024