Planning & Development Services


Planning & Development Services

The Department of Planning & Development Services is comprised of two divisions: the Planning & Zoning Division and the Building Division.

Planning & Zoning Division

The Planning & Zoning Division is responsible for long-range and comprehensive planning; current or neighborhood and project planning; maintenance and administration of the City's zoning code, which includes administration of sign permits, and the Certificate of Use program; and the operation of the City Landscape Architect, which includes landscape design for City properties, issuance of landscape and tree removal permits, and developing and maintaining various community landscape programs.

Building Division

The Building Division is responsible for enforcing codes and ordinances ensuring safe, sound and progressive development of commercial and residential properties. Renovations, remodeling and construction are all closely monitored, while code inspections are conducted systematically. The division complies with guidelines established by the Florida Building Commission and the Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals. The Building Division has three major areas of responsibility: building permitting, burglar alarm permitting, and the identification and removal of unsafe structures in conjunction with the Unsafe Structures Board.