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A Penny At Work

Proposed Sales Tax

This November, there will be two questions on the ballot that involve Broward County and its municipalities, including the City Deerfield Beach.  Broward County voters can get informed about the proposed penny sales surtax; one half cent for the County and one half cent for our cities.  Both ballot questions must pass for the penny surtax to take effect.  If either surtax does not receive majority voter approval, both will fail.

Voters will have the opportunity to vote on a half cent (.5%) sales surtax with funds earmarked to Broward County. These monies would be allocated to transportation projects such as traffic signal synchronization, expanded shuttle services for seniors, and enhanced transit options.

The second question is on the other .5% sales surtax, which, if passed, will provide additional funds to our City and others for infrastructure improvements. These projects can include, but are not limited to, repairing damaged streets and replacing aging pipes to protect our water quality and prevent street flooding. 

Here in Deerfield Beach, we have identified projects such as the redevelopment of Tam O’ Shanter Park, the expansion of Oveta McKeithen Recreational Complex, Constitution Park and Highlands Park.  Also, the development Memorial Park, the Pioneer Grove District and Senior Services Center. (For a complete list of projects visit, go to the interactive map and look for Deerfield Beach.)

Broward County is not alone. Across the country in cities such as Atlanta and Los Angeles, voters are being asked to consider similar questions.  Palm Beach County voters will also be asked to approve a similar ballot measure in November.

“We encourage residents to learn more about these proposed sales surtaxes and how they could affect you,” said Mayor Jean Robb. “We encourage residents to learn the facts about these ballot questions and make the best decision.”

A website has been created to help inform voters about these two ballot questions. Learn more about the two sales surtax questions at