Recycle Rewards

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Each month, ten recycling residences will be randomly selected for a free month of garbage & recycling service. Once a quarter, one lucky residence will be randomly selected for a whole year of free service. This program is only available for single family homes. Residents can only win once per year.

If you received a postcard in the mail, that means you've won! Congratulations! You do not need to do anything to get your free month/year. It will be automatically credited to your account.

By promoting recycling in this way, we hope to help residents save a little bit of money while also promoting a strong environmental ethic in the Deerfield Beach community. With this strong ethic, we can ensure we are on the path towards a Cleaner, Greener Deerfield Beach.
For more information, contact the Department of Sustainable Management at 954-480-4391, or email us.