Volunteer Opportunities!

The City of Deerfield Beach Department of Recycling & Solid Waste Management is always looking for volunteers to help out! We have Beach Sweeps, the Recycling Perks Street Team, as well as many other opportunities! If you're passionate about going green and recycling (or you just need community service hours), sign up, and we'll keep you updated on all the opportunities we have to offer!

Beach Sweeps

The Deerfield Beach is the pride and joy of our City. Our Sanitation Division works along side dedicated volunteers to help keep our beach clean! Volunteers will meet up with City workers at the tiki hut near the fire station on the beach, near the Main Beach Parking Lot. Start arriving by 8:30 AM on the mornings listed, and we'll get moving by 9 AM.

We also welcome groups to sponsor their own cleanups! The City of Deerfield Beach is happy to provide materials to groups interested in hosting a cleanup. To sponsor your own cleanup, contact the Department of Sustainable Management here.

Festival Outreach

The City of Deerfield Beach Department of Recycling and Solid Waste has determined that our presence at City festivals and events is vital to keeping recycling and going green a hot topic in our community. Volunteers will help facilitate games and talk to people about why it is important to recycle in the City.

Interested in joining us as a volunteer? Fill out the form below.